Woke up today to find another dead baby Kapampa 🙁 thats two that ive lost now and i have 3 left out of original 5 that i bought.
I noticed he was breathing quite heavily the night before and had not really been eating and hanging out in front of the tank.


Our Affiliate has aquired NOT ONE…BUT TWO pair of WILD CAUGHT BLUE MOBA “CONGO” FRONTOSA…and has posted video and photos, so check it out!!


Moved the entire contents of kapampa tank from upstairs to downstairs and placed the fish in a different 55 gallon aquarium with blue background, thanks again to David Akins!!!


30% water changes on 125 gallon Ikola tank and 55 gallon Kapampa upstairs tank with water tests for NH3/NH4 done today


woke up today and found one of the kapampa dead on bottom of tank 🙁 Now i have 4 left..looks like 2 males and hopefully 2 females
im keeping my fingers crossed X


30% water change for Kapampa 55 gallon tank done today.


started up another 55 gallon tank with 3 sponge filters, pea gravel and a dozen zebra danios.


30% water change for 125 gallon tank done today.


30% water change for 55 gallon tank done today


30% water change and water test for NH3/NH4 for 55 gallon tank…Babie kapampa “congo” Ziare blue Frontosa have been eating mysis shrimp and 1mm cichlid pellets


Released a small colony of five (F1)Ziare Blue Kapampa frontosa in 55 gallon tank today. Ikola colony now showing signs of returning to normal behaviors.


Ikola colony still showing signs of being skiddish.


Ikola colony in 125 gallon tank seems to be skiddish after “THE BIG MOVE” from smaller 55 gallon tank.


Removed all of the zebra danios from 125 gallon tank.
Moved giberosa ikola frontosa colony of ten from 55 gallon tank to 125 gallon tank.


Day 25 of nitrogen cycle for 125 gallon tank


(Day 22 of nitrogen cycle for 125 gallon tank)

5/2/09 KY DERBY DAY!!!! 🙂

(Day 21 of the nitrogen cycle for the 125 gallon tank)Congrats on derby win MINE THAT BIRD!!!!


Created Frontosa Fanatics website T-shirt design through and completed an order for Delivery Date: On or before Wednesday, May 13, 2009


30% water change and water test for NH3/NH4 for 55 gallon tank…(also this is day 17 for the The Nitrogen Cycle in the 125 gallon tank)


Placed two of the Labidochromis Caeruleus (yellow Lab) in with the zebra danios in the 125 gallon tank thats cycling


Updated photos section with new pictures and 30% water change with test for NH3/NH4 in 55 gallon tank was completed today.

4/12/09 Happy Easter!!! 🙂

Changed the way blog text was displayed, utilizing page space giving it its own scrolling window.


Started water cycle for 125 gallon tank with new Marineland C360 canister filter and about 15-16 zebra danios today.


Created community board forum…take a look and join, we will be glad to have you.


Added more zebra rock to create caves in the 55 gallon ikola frontosa tank today.


30% water change and water test for NH3/NH4 will be done this saturday 3/28/09


Changed the blog banner around again, deciding to use the changing gradiant banner that ive been working on.

Changed the blog banner around today and created color variants with font variations as well.


Here at Frontosa we are excited to announce that we have recently added two more of the Cyphotilapia Giberosa Ikola into our current colony, thanks to a very good friend David Akins.


This is a new addition to this site. please keep coming back for further updates to this blog.